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The Federation promised its citizens a utopia. They never told them the cost.

Rebel 7 is a 2D6 based science-fiction RPG about resisting an oppressive Federation. It is compatible with Cepheus Engine, and is based on Cepheus Quantum.

In Rebel 7, players take on the role of criminals and freedom fighters, similar to the crew of the Liberator from Blake's 7 or the Maquis from Star Trek. Characters are created using Bounties that describe why the Federation wants them dead, and the book contains new traits, equipment, enemies and more for use in any Cepheus Engine game.

Rebel 7 is still a work in progress (currently in version 0.1), but everything you need to play is already included. The final version will have the same type of content, but hopefully with some basic art and more tools for players and Referees.

Cepheus Quantum, on which this game is based, is produced by Stellagama Publishing and can be found for free here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/280143/Cepheus-Quantum.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Found my way here while looking for 2d6 OSR stuff (you know what I'm talking about), and being someone who digs Blake's 7, this clearly got my attention. Now, my expectation was the same thing I find from just about every other 2d6 OSR adaptation - basically a list of guns and vehicles, which is not at all what Blake's 7 is about, but what I've seen with other RPG approaches, so I was ready to be disappointed.

But! Bounties and infamy.

So much is implied here. Simple character creation that doesn't just tell what a character can do, but why they're doing it. There's motivation, world building, and characterization, in such an efficient package.